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On April 8th, Ms. Ellen Zank, whom our congregation called to serve as the 1st grade teacher during the 2023-2024 school year informed St. John's that she has accepted this call and will be joining us here at St. John's. We thank God for providing a full staff of dedicated teachers not only trained in educating children, but trained in giving children the one thing needed: the good news of salvation in Jesus.

Ms. Zank has written St. John's this letter...

Dear Members of St. John’s Lutheran Church and School,

Easter Blessings to all! “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.”

On February 26th, 2023 I received a divine call extended to me through your
congregation to serve as your 1 st grade teacher. This letter is to inform you that after much prayer and deliberation the Lord in His grace and wisdom has led me to accept this call.

I want to thank you for remembering me in your thoughts and prayers during this process. I appreciated the thoughtful and informative conversations I had with Pastor Ertl, Principal Biesterfeld, faculty members, President Parchem, and School Board Chairman Aaron Dix.

I am looking forward to making this transition and joining you in sharing the
gospel of our risen Savior!

In Christ’s Service

Ellen Zank